Warhammer Orcs Retro Army, Most for sale in our Ebay Shop

A gallery of all Richard's orcs, offered for sale on our website shop. we can offer a discount if several figures are purchased, please contact before payment. We are happy to take commissions as part of our 28mm wargames figures professional painting service for Warhammer fantasy orcs.
The figures shown are retro Citadel Miniatures. This page will be added to from time to time as we aquire more different orcs. All these orcs are painted to a high standard with care taken with blended highlights and shaded metallics.

Warhammer Ork Shaman
Warhammer Ork Shaman Painted.jpg

OrkArmy/orc-88.jpg OrkArmy/black-orc-84.jpg OrkArmy/black-orc-chieftain-83.jpg OrkArmy/orc-87.jpg
OrkArmy/orc-86.jpg OrkArmy/orc-85.jpg OrkArmy/orc-78.jpg OrkArmy/orc-77.jpg
OrkArmy/orc-76.jpg OrkArmy/orc-75.jpg OrkArmy/orc-74.jpg OrkArmy/orc-73.jpg
OrkArmy/orc-72.jpg OrkArmy/orc-71.jpg OrkArmy/orc-70.jpg OrkArmy/orc-69.jpg
OrkArmy/orc-68.jpg OrkArmy/orc-67.jpg OrkArmy/Warhammer-orc-066.jpg OrkArmy/Warhammer-orc-065.jpg
OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-38.jpg OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-37.jpg OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-36.jpg OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-35.jpg
OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-34.jpg OrkArmy/warhammer-Orc-33.jpg OrkArmy/Warhammer-Orc-42.jpg OrkArmy/Warhammer-Orc-41.jpg
OrkArmy/Warhammer-Orc-40.jpg OrkArmy/Warhammer-Orc-39.jpg