Wargaming Miniature Figures Professional Painting Service

Most of the painting work carried out by Aftermath has been wargaming figure commissions as part of our professional painting service . Richard and Isaac Turton paint all types of miniature commission work.

Aftermath is taking on commission work at the moment.

Aftermath will undertake any miniatures painting from 6mm to 54mm, any historical period, Warhammer, fantasy, science fiction, model vehicles, dioramas and scenery . 

We have specialized in the past with 25/28mm and 15mmNapoleonic’s, Fantasy, Warhammer, 15mm Ancients,  Dioramas and Large Vehicles

Richard and Isaac are adept at completing large armies so no order is too big!

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15mm Commissions

All commissions are painted in a consistant style allowing you to build up a large army over a period of time. Historical figures are researched for uniform accuracy.



Due to a high workload of 15mm and 28mm figures we are unfortunately unable to take on new 15mm and 28mm commissions at this present time. We are still available for larger scale models and vehicle commissions.


Orders are turned round quickly usually within 3 weeks.
Contact us at.. AftermathMiniatures@sky.com
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