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Painted by Richard Turton
Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard
Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard Painted.jpg
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 Nicodemus from Citadel Mordheim range. Nice 'n bright not to be confused with Gandalf. This work represents about 35 hours of work.All the base, books and scrolls, lectern etc was scratch built from plasticard milliput and greenstuff. The goldwork on the books and the little sand box is NMM. It was a pain painting the writing on the spines of the books in about 6 shades of yellow but once I had started I had to go on. The writing is about as small as I can paint with a brush and still be legible. The book with the dragon painted on is about 1 cm. I managed to get about 72 scales on the dragon. The quill is the feather from a warhammer pistoliers helmet and the little sandbox came with the Brettonian army boxed set. The most painstaking part of the mini was the border round the hem of the robe. The deep folds in the robe made the NMM difficult. If I have to do a similar robe again I'll stick with a plain band for decoration!
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Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider.
Painted by Richard Turton.

Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider
Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider Painted.jpg
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This Warhammer Citadel Miniature was painted as a Christmas gift for my girl friend. The figure came in 11 pieces all of which needed drilling and pinning for extra support. Since the photo was taken the model base has been secured to the wooden block. I am thinking of adding another figure to the base as a combatant. This model is a triumph of sculpting from Citadel Miniatures.

He Wenta Dat Way.
Painted by Richard Turton.

Goblin and Ogre Diorama
Painted Goblin and Ogre Diorama.jpg
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Nicely wetblended with vallejo and citadel acrylics. This is a conversion of an Alternative Armies figure..Celtic God. The original carried a harp which has been cut away and replaced with a worried looking goblin. This model features a very elaborate and attractive base. Somewhere among the foliage there are a rabbit and a snail!

Warhammer Wood Elves Mage.
Painted by Richard Turton.

Warhammer Wood Elves Mage
Warhammer Wood Elves Mage Wizard painted Diorama.jpg
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Warhammer Rose Wizard.
Painted by Richard Turton

This Citadel miniature was a commission piece provided by Aftermath's painting service that went to Italy. There are about 60 roses painted on the caparison. The whole piece is painted to a very high standard using wetblending with Vallejo and citadel acrylics.

Warhammer Rose Wizard
Warhammer Rose Wizard Painted.jpg
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Warhammer Eldar Warlock.
Painted by Richard Turton
Warhammer 40k Eldar Warlock
Warhammer 40k Eldar Warlock Painted.jpg
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Blade Maiden.
Painted by Richard Turton.

Blade Maiden
Blade Maiden Painted NMM.jpg
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I've wanted to paint this mini since I saw Angela Imries version on coolmini. The painting was straightforward although it took me about 20 hours, The skin was painted with catachan green and bronze flesh highlighted with bronzed flesh and successively Vallejo elf flesh and white. The hair was snakebite leather and vallejo golden yellow and a little white. The NMM for the sword was Vallejo black with successive layers of white. The NMM sword was the same colours as the hair but in different proportions. The base was milliput. I was going to make a more complex base but the simple rock seemed sufficient, lending a tension to the figures pose.

Painted by Richard Turton
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Centaur Display Piece

Warhammer Golden Wizard.
Painted by Richard Turton

Warhammer Golden Wizard
Warhammer Golden Wizard Painted.jpg
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Warhammer High Elves Gryphon
Warhammer High Elves Gryphon.jpg

Warhammer40k Eldar Howling
Banshee Squad.
Painted by Richard Turton

Howling Banshee Squad
Warhammer 40k Howling Banshee Squad Painted.jpg
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Howling Banshee
Warhammer 40k Howling Banshee Painted.jpg
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 This Eldar Howling Banshee squad is on a decorative display base making a nice diorama. The figures are removable for gaming. I plan on painting many more Eldar...........if i ever complete my goblin army.

The Eldar Banshees plus display base are currently for sale, contact me for more details.

Warhammer Wood  Elves Squad.
Painted by Richard Turton.

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Warhammer Wood Elves Unit
Warhammer Wood  Elves Unit Painted.jpg
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See my ever growing Goblin Army.

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This Warhammer Citadel miniature was painted as a non gaming piece and is fixed to the ornamental base. Many details are not easily seen such as the 60 or so gems on the wizard and the freehand design on his cloak. The hardest detail to paint was black lining the teeth on the dragons to get them to show up against the yellow.

I'm particularly pleased with this chap, especially the NMM on the sword(non metallic metal).

High Elves Chariot and Silver Helms
Warhammer High Elves Chariot and Silver Helms Painted.jpg
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High Elves Chariot and Silver Helms.
Painted by Richard Turton.

These figures are Citadele Miniatures for Warhammer. The silver helms are in fact bronze as commissioned by a customer. He requested a High Elf army that had a dark feel to it. It represents Dark Elf elements fighting for the HIgh Elves. This Warhammer chariot and other figures in the photo, are part of a commission for a complete army.
For more information on Aftermath's painting service and commissions see our commissions page.

Warhammer 40k SpaceWolf Terminator .
Painted by Richard Turton. 

SpaceWolf Terminator
Warhammer 40k SpaceWolf Terminator Painted.jpg
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This Citadel Miniatures SpaceWolf Terminator for Warhammer 40k was painted as an amusing 3D cartoon. It holds a David and Goliath theme to its composition. I am particularly pleased with the freehand on the shoulder pads and shins of the terminator. As this Terminator is from an older Citadel range were the metal Terminator stands up ridged, it took allot of converting to achieve its comical stance.

Warhammer Grey Wizard.
Painted by Richard Turton

Warhammer Grey Wizard
Warhammer Grey Wizard Painted NMM.jpg
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