Painted Display Pieces/Dioramas



   Display piece of Elric from Conan, Painted 2015 by Isaac turton.


This figure is and was painted mostly with an airbrush, the finer details were hand painted. The sculpture is by Takayuki Takeya. This figure was painted as a commission as part of Aftermath Miniatures large scale figure painting service.



28mm Angel Display Piece.
Painted By Isaac Turton
Angel Display Piece
Lord of the Rings Galadriel Angel Display Piece.jpg
 This Lord of the Rings Galadriel figure was Painted and converted into an angel as part of Aftermaths professional wargaming figures and miniatures display pieces and dioramas painting service.

Warhammer Golden Wizard
Warhammer Golden Wizard Painted.jpg
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15mm Samurai Warlord
Hobbit in Mordor
Lord of the Rings Style Hobbit in Mordor Painted.jpg
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Warhammer Grey Wizard
Warhammer Grey Wizard Painted NMM.jpg
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Warhammer Wood Elf Standard Bearer
Painted By Isaac Turton
The Phenix , Born in Flame.jpg

Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard
Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard Painted.jpg
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Painted by Richard Turton
Centaur Display Piece
This miniature is for sale in our website shop.

Sci-Fi Rasta Punk.jpg

Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider
Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider Painted.jpg
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Goblin and Ogre Diorama
Painted Goblin and Ogre Diorama.jpg
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Warhammer Wood Elves Mage
Warhammer Wood Elves Mage Wizard painted Diorama.jpg
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