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The Phenix , Born in Flame.jpg
Angel Display Piece
Lord of the Rings Galadriel Angel Display Piece.jpg
15mm Samurai Warlord
Hobbit in Mordor
Lord of the Rings Style Hobbit in Mordor Painted.jpg


Aftermath Miniatures Display Piece and Dioramas painting service guide.

Aftermath Miniatures paint display pieces and dioramas commissions of all kinds in all scales. Whether you want fantasy or historical, a single mounted figure a full battle scene or a miniature painted to the very highest standard for wargaming. We can paint your display piece and diorama figures finished in an agreeable time scale.

Although we are based in the UK we ship commission orders around the world.

Placing an order

Send us any questions you have or a description of what you want painting. You can do this by emailing us at AftermathMiniatures@sky.com of filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We will reply as soon as possible.


This will vary depending on the quality you want your display piece or diorama figure/figures painting.

Contact me any time for any questions an enquiry or a quote.

All pricing is negotiable and is affected by several factors such as -

    • Assembly- you can assemble the miniatures yourself, or we can assemble them for a small charge which will be agreed upon before painting commences.

    • Basing- we can give your display piece or diorama miniatures all kinds of bases in any setting. If you wish they can be kept basic for rank and file or for that special figure be mounted on a stand (detachable for gaming if you wish) with all kinds of miniature basing scenery.

    • Conversions – We are adept at creating all kinds of conversions if you want your figure to look that little bit different or really stand out from the rest.

    • Freehand Painting – This is were pictures that are not in the original mould are painted on. As display piece or diorama miniatures tend to be painted to a much higher standard they are often perfect for adding freehand painting. A pre determined price will be agreed for any freehand based on how long I think it will take me to add to your display piece or diorama. If it takes me any longer than I had originally assumed we will still charge the original agreed cost.

    • Mounts, Plinths and Plaques - Display pieces and dioramas can be attached to mounts and plinths to make them really stand out on your mantel price. We have many different types and there cost is fixed and will be agreed before work commences. The same applies for engraved plaques. If you want a painted plaque a price will have to be agreed upon as it will require freehand work.

    • Detachable Figures – Miniatures can be made detachable from display pieces and dioramas so they can be used for wargaming as well as display. If you wish this it will have to be specified before work starts.

    • Matching previous work or someone else’s – Many people want a certain painted miniature or colour scheme copying. We are happy to do this and although we can guarantee an excellent paint job we cannot guarantee it will look exactly the same. Many people send samples or email pictures of what they want copying.

    • Purchasing of unpainted miniatures- If you require us to purchase the figures you want painting we will have to charge you their cost and postage. Receipts can be kept if you wish.


For large orders with new customers we require an upfront part payment of the total cost of the order. We accept PayPal, Cheques, Bank Transfers and Cash.

When the order is finished, we will send you some photos for your approval. You can then request any minor alterations or let to us know any concerns you have. If the work meets your initial specifications but you request major changes this may incur further costs.

When all is approved, you have made your final payment and given us your full shipping details we will post your figures to you fist class on a day that suits you.

If models are not paid for within 90 days of completion without any explanation and you don’t reply to our emails, the models will become the property of Aftermath Miniatures and we will find another buyer for them to offset costs.

Order Turnaround

Orders are usually finished between 2 and 3 weeks (large orders may take longer). We like to keep a high level of communication with our customers and ask customers to feel free to email us any time about their order for whatever reason. We always try to reply as quick as possible.


When an order is arranged we will give you an address to post to so we can begin painting. Please ensure they are posted safely and securely to help prevent damage. Please place any small parts in bag, envelope or container to prevent loss.

When an order is complete we will post it back to you 1st class recorded dilevery. We take a great amount of care over packing to help ensure no damage happens in transit.


Feel free to email me about any questions you may have. Aftermath Miniatures provides a high quality painting service and is adept at providing the customers individual needs. if you have any questions about commissions (or wish to place one) we will be more than happy to answer them.

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Centaur Display Piece
Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard
Warhammer Nicodemus Wizard Painted.jpg
Sci-Fi Rasta Punk
Sci-Fi Rasta Punk.jpg
Warhammer Golden Wizard
Warhammer Golden Wizard Painted.jpg
Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider
Warhammer High Elves Dragon Rider Painted.jpg