15mm Wargaming Miniature Figures Professional Painting Service


Due to a high workload of 15mm and 28mm figures we are unfortunately unable to take on new 15mm and 28mm commissions at this present time. We are still available for larger scale models and vehicle commissions.


Pricing is based on several factors;

  • Quality of painting.

  • Complexity of figure.

  • Conversions.

  • Assembly. 

  • Basing.

If you wish us to purchase the figures to paint for you please include price of miniatures.

15mm commission example.

15mm - £3.00 paint job.
15mm painting service examples.jpg
15mm painting service examples.jpg
15mm painting service examples.jpg



Please note that many 15mm figures these days are large scale measuring 18 mm to the eyes such as Xyston Miniatures. These are priced at £3.50.

All commissions are painted in a consistent style allowing you to build up a large army over a period of time. Historical figures are researched for uniform accuracy.

Orders are turned round quickly usually within 3 weeks.

Contact us at at richardturton_544@hotmail.com for more details.
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