15mm Ancients - Classical Period

 A gallery of wargaming miniatures photos and uniform descriptions from the ancient classical period of history.
We have set this period to commence with end of the bronze age and the fall of Assyria in 612BC to the fall of Rome in 478. An exception is the Byzantine Empire which preserved the classical traditions until its fall to the Ottoman empire in 1453AD. The Byzantine gallery will be shown under ancient classical. We cover all the Roman armies; republic, early empire late empire, their allies and enemies, including Etruscans, Carthaginians, Celts and Germans etc. The Hoplite armies of Greece, Alexander’s Macedonians. Achaemenid Persians. Porus' Indians and the successor armies. Many of these figures are offered for sale in our Ebay Shop. 15mm commissions are taken for the classical period as part of our professional painting service.